I knitted Ted quite some time ago now from a childrens crafts book I have, I finally got some buttons recently, and some embroidery thread yesterday though to give him his personality 🙂 He looks so much better now! Even though Ted was knit with the wrong wool on the wrong size needles (because I am new to this knitting malarky and didn’t even know that it mattered!) I really like him, he is the first toy, first anything actually; that I have knitted to completion!


About magentasy

I am a wishful thinker, a hopeless cook, and the biggest animal lover the world has ever known, what's that? Have I stolen all the animals from the farm? Well not all of them! I love crafting and art of all kinds, I am the proud mummy of Felicity and Penelope ( OK, so they might be just rabbits to you.) I used to train in the circus until I had an accident doing acrobatics and hurt my back :( now I sit at home looking for a real job and daydreaming about pretend jobs, like what I hear you ask? Like being a princess of course!

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