Love canvases!

Love canvases!

So I made these ones for my best friend Tiff in the colours that she asked for, I do hope she likes them! I am going to give them to her tonight when she comes round to see me 🙂

Isn’t it funny how much faster we work when we have a dealine to meet? Though I did leave it too late to finish them and now the glitter glue isn’t dry -cue me sitting wafting a hairdryer- *sigh* Ahh well it will all be worth it if she likes them 🙂

Sorry for the fact that the picture is the wrong way around. I have no idea how that can be fixed I’m afraid.


About magentasy

I am a wishful thinker, a hopeless cook, and the biggest animal lover the world has ever known, what's that? Have I stolen all the animals from the farm? Well not all of them! I love crafting and art of all kinds, I am the proud mummy of Felicity and Penelope ( OK, so they might be just rabbits to you.) I used to train in the circus until I had an accident doing acrobatics and hurt my back :( now I sit at home looking for a real job and daydreaming about pretend jobs, like what I hear you ask? Like being a princess of course!

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