I knitted Ted quite some time ago now from a childrens crafts book I have, I finally got some buttons recently, and some embroidery thread yesterday though to give him his personality 🙂 He looks so much better now! Even though Ted was knit with the wrong wool on the wrong size needles (because I am new to this knitting malarky and didn’t even know that it mattered!) I really like him, he is the first toy, first anything actually; that I have knitted to completion!


Plarn basket in the making!

Plarn basket in the making!

So this is the base of my little plarn basket I have begun making, it has already given me a blister on my finger! I think it’s cute, but I might learn to crochet as the patterns are so much prettier… I do however like that the bags from different shops give the lovely stripey effect. Oh! and of course that the bags from Tesco says recycle on them, makes me feel like a good human being 😉